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How NOT to Overthink a Blog Post

I can confidently say that I can produce a whole seven week course on exactly HOW TO overthink a Blog post! 

I've been trying to think up the right information with the appropriate stories that will help the most people - the possibilities are endless.
So I settled on telling MY story. 
After several drafts and way too many hours thinking and writing, I've decided to set a timer and start writing. When the timer goes off, well, you're reading the result.
As a self proclaimed Overthinker, I can easily fall into my own web of paralysis by analysis when it comes to making decisions...about anything, but mostly small decsions, like this blog. Don't get me wrong, this blog is very important to me, that's why I overthink it - I don't want to get it wrong and let you all down.
I love to write, but my overthinking can look at my subject from so many different angles that it starts getting really complicated - but sometimes it helps with finding creative perspectives that I wouldn't have seen if I wasn't an overthinker. 
Then my perfectionist self kicks in...and nothing I write is good enough. Thus, the loop continues on and on - write, delete, repeat...
Although I've been much better at managing both overthinking and perfectionism over the past few years, I don't believe they will ever entirely go away.  I've been experimenting with some strategies to help manage my overthinking mind that I'd love to share with you in the hopes that it may help you or someone you know. 
  • Act like a NON-OVERTHINKER. My husband is clearly my opposite when it comes to most things, including overthinking. He can literally clear his mind of everything, sit on the couch and completely relax. Guys are very good at that! I try to emulate that feeling of letting the monkey mind go and focus on something else or hopefully - nothing. It's tough, but it can be a fun project.
  • Meditate: This has been the most useful strategy so far for me. I spend 10-20 minutes every morning with a guided or silent meditation. It sets the tone for the day and completely relaxes my mind and body.
  • Exercise: I'm currently working out each day with PiYo videos from Beachbody On Demand that I subscribe to. I love the idea of mixing Pilates and Yoga. I get a great workout that calms my mind and tones my body.
  • DistrACTion: When I'm in the throes of obsessing or ruminating, I take action, something to distract my mind from the thoughts. I'll go outside and water my plants, mow the lawn, clean the house or make a phone call. Yes, my house is pretty damn clean!
  • Timer: If none of the above work, I'll set a timer to think up a solution, like I did today. Whatever I come up with by the time the buzzer goes off, I'll commit to it - Done! Not perfect, but done!

I know that I'll never be able to completely stop the overthinking and that's okay because overthinking can also have it's advantages. For one thing, it helps me respond instead of react, which I love about myself. I'm able to see problems from so many different perspectives that it helps me understand where other people are coming from - and I'm a learner, I love to learn anything and everything. 

Here are a few other things that I try to remember as I continue my quest to promote a more light hearted attitude: 
  • Be Good Enough - Nobody is perfect
  • Fail Often - It's a reminder that I'm putting myself out there and I'm human
  • Lighten Up - Laugh, smile and celebrate more
  • Focus on the Good - Focus on what's going well, what feels good - Do more of it
  • Follow my Heart - Let my heart lead some decisions (the head will come in later). Ask myself what feels right, not what I think is right.  
If you can identify with any of this then you may also share some tendencies to overthink.

Research has proven that people who overthink are typically very intelligent and can be amazingly creative human beings. We just have to manage the mind and allow for that creativity to manifest itself - and trust it as it does. 

Some great crystal healing stones to help you calm your mind and live a more heart centered life would include: Howlite, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Lapis Lazuli and Green Aventurine. Please see my Crystal Guide for descriptions of many popular crystals that could help you live a more heart centered life.

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My time is up, the buzzer just went off and scared the hell out of me! I hope you enjoyed reading this and I'd love to hear your strategies and tips for managing an overactive mind.

Please comment below or send me a message here.

Have a peaceful day!

Cindy Stabile

Calmer Spirit




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