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Top 5 Crystals for Pain Relief

Top 5 Crystals for Pain Relief. Calmer Spirits blog post on finding the perfect stones to help you heal aches and pains holistically.

Crystals for pain relief? This is a subject that I know well!

I’ve become an expert pretty quickly on the life changing effects of crystals, especially since chronic pain was one of the main reasons for my interest with crystals.

Whether you’re battling with an autoimmune disorder (like me), pain from an injury,  arthritis, cancer, or other diseases, healing crystals can be beneficial in helping to manage the overall effect on your body and mind. Chronic illnesses can vary, however some have characteristics in common that can respond well when paired with the right crystals.

Since we’re taking a holistic approach to treating chronic illness and symptoms, I’m also going to give you a list of stones suitable for stress, emotional pain, the immune system, and some to even help you sleep better. It is important to balance all of your systems. It’s all about BALANCE. Sometimes treating one area of your health, will realign your entire system.

I create crystal jewelry as a natural way to receive the benefits from the energy they emit. To maximize the benefits of healing crystals, you need the stones to touch and connect to you. My bracelets allow you to have constant contact with your crystals. Additionally these bracelets add a bit of colorful flair to your style. You’ll find that I use all of these crystals and more in my shop. Let’s explore the top 5 crystals for pain relief!


Amethyst, the Master Healer, is a high vibration stone that is very beneficial in reducing pain. This crystal can help reduce pain from arthritis, migraines, injury, or metabolic issues. Amethyst helps in managing and reducing the pain or discomfort. Amethyst is also beneficial in reducing stress and overcoming insomnia. Place or wear an amethyst stone over the area of pain and hold in place or secure with tape.


Rose Quartz is especially helpful with pain relief associated with skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, gout or burns. With a natural cooling effect and anti-inflammatory, it makes it an ideal aid for sunburns, psoriasis or other skin inflammatory disorders. Rose Quartz also helps to improve kidney function and assists the body in eliminating excess fluids. Wearing Rose Quartz anywhere on the body will provide overall relief.


Hematite has a high iron content (yes, it’s a natural magnet). Hematite is said to maintain the charge of actual nerve cells, which makes it the ideal crystal for relieving pain. Additional benefits of Hematite includes regulating blood flow in the body. This means Hematite helps with headaches, high blood pressure, and anemia. Hematite is also known as a stress stone. Carrying or wearing hematite offers many benefits to the body and mind. Wearing it every day (and under your pillow at night) offers many rewards for the relief of pain and stress.


Turquoise is a special stone that has a wide range of color variations. The vibration of Turquoise varies depending on the color of the stone. The natural stones will be a shade of blue or green. Turquoise will help to relieve and reduce headaches, sore throats, and digestive tract issues. Green Turquoise tends to be more calming than the bluish varieties. Chronic GI troubles tend to respond well while wearing Turquoise.


Lapis Lazuli is perfect for giving you the strength of mind. It is also excellent in helping to relieving headaches, body pains, throat issues, migraines, vertigo, and PMS. Lapis is particularly helpful in bringing immediate pain relief when wearing it anywhere on your body. Because of its amazing vibrations, Lapis has been known to be beneficial for severe illnesses involving the bone marrow, HIV, cancer, heart disease, and RNA/DNA damage.   


Okay, you’ve finished reading my list and you have selected the crystal jewelry that you need for your particular needs. Great! You will need to complete a few simple steps before you’re ready to enjoy your new crystals.

Start by cleansing and recharging the stones. When you receive your crystals, cleanse them with a sage smudge stick. This is done by lighting your sage smudge stick and passing the crystals through the rising smoke. After passing your crystals through the smoke, place your jewelry with a quartz stone or leave it in the moonlight for 4 hours to release any negative energy it may have had.

After cleansing, sit with your crystal jewelry in your hands and ask it to work on whichever aspect of your illness you need it to. Failure to direct the energy to a specific point may dilute the power of the stone. You might feel the need to take your crystal jewelry off throughout the day to recharge. This can be quite beneficial in keeping your crystals directed to your specific need.

Now that your crystal jewelry is cleansed, charged, and ready to go, you are ready to wear them!

Comment below and tell me how you currently manage your pain, what works, and what you couldn’t live without (for me, it’s Lapis Lazuli and Advil)!

To learn more about Calmer Spirit and how crystals can enhance your life, check out our other blogs!

Have a peaceful, pain-free day!

Cindy Stabile

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