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The Why Behind Calmer Spirit

Have you ever had an exciting idea?

Then started working towards making it happen? Only to find yourself veering off into a million different directions...forgetting why you even started to begin with?

Well, I almost did just that!

I lost focus on what my heart wanted and let my head, specifically, my analytically obsessive left brain, take over and run like it was in a marathon sprint. 

Although I don't think I have ADD, I do tend to get hyper-focused and super productive when I'm doing something that gives me energy (passion). It's like tunnel vision.  I forget my why and my heart...allowing my head to take the lead. 

Here's the short version of how Calmer Spirit came to life...

When I got my first Buddha statue, it was tiny and made out of concrete. I put him on my window sill over my kitchen sink in the hopes to make doing dishes a little more peaceful - if that could ever happen.

Fast forward a year and Buddha fell off the sill. Not just once, but so many times that his head broke off. I was able to piece it back on and none was the wiser (until he fell again).

I got another Buddha, this time a bigger, stronger and much more beautiful one.  He resides in my eat in kitchen/dining room since I'm there all the time and can glance over and feel his calming energy.   

Don't worry, I'm getting to the point!

Having Buddha to look at always brought me a peaceful and more centered  feeling. His serene facial expression was a reminder for me to slow the "f" down, breath and just BE. This helps to calm my mind and spirit allowing me to feel more relaxed and much more peaceful.

Calming my mind is not an easy task. You see, I'm a classic Over-thinker which means my mind is on overdrive almost all of the time. 

Combine his image with meditation and yoga and I would liken it to a natural tranquilizer, bringing profound serenity and peace (most of the time).

I'm not saying it's an instant fix but when you're aware and more accepting of your thoughts and feelings instead of judging them, life becomes, well, more peaceful by default.

Since it would look a little messed up walking around with a 19" Buddha in my arms, I knew I needed an alternative for when I left the house.

I tried a rock, yes, one of those kindness rocks with a cute inspirational message, and stuffed it in my pocket. Lost it within a couple of days. Ditched that option! 

What did I do next?

What we all do. I asked Google.

My searches kept coming up with the same thing...crystals and gemstones...which I knew very little about. Here comes the obsessive mind again, on full speed. I took crash courses, read, watched and listened to anything I could, to teach myself more about crystals and their healing energies.

My ideas turned into experiments and I started working with crystal beads in creating different stone combinations that I could wear. I finally settled on bracelets since I could look at them, feel them and of course, match their natural beauty with my outfits.

I started sharing them with my family and friends and I loved watching which stones people would gravitate towards. I would create custom bracelets for them based on what energies they wanted.

The crystal bracelets were a big hit because of their unique qualities, natural beauty, energy and different vibrations.

People were picking them out based on what healing energies they offered rather than how they looked. I love when others get what I feel!

Back to the obsessive mind.

As I was preparing my small online shop to offer these amazing bracelets for sale, my mind took off on another sprint. I started researching all kinds of other products to sell and different platforms, marketing strategies etc...

I knew I was burning the candle at both ends because I stopped my daily yoga  and meditation practice in order to get more research done!

Just as things were getting quite murky - now enters - The Coach. My Coach. My person who helps me refocus my energy to my heart center when my head starts taking over.

I dialed it back, remembering WHY I'm doing this and then refocused on leading with my heart. My head plays a crucial role in making intelligent decisions and I'm grateful for that. Yet when I follow my heart and refine with my mind, my direction is aligned with my core values. 

Leading with my heart just feels so much more natural to me. I still struggle at times but always go back to my vision and desire -which is to help others practice a mindful life. 

I know that crystal bracelets won't magically produce a utopia kind of life for you, me or anyone else, that would be plain silly!

What I do know is that these crystal healing bracelets help keep me centered and remind me to live presently each and every day.

By practicing daily yoga and meditation, along with wearing these naturally energetic crystals, I have found what helps keep me be grounded, present and free from judgement (most of the time).

I hope you enjoy these crystal healing bracelets, and that they bring you what you're looking for. 

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or inquire about custom pieces for yourself or someone special in your life.

Live More Mindfully and with a Calmer Spirit!



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