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Daily Planner | Printable Planner | Affirmations | Gratitude Planner
Daily Planner | Printable Planner | Affirmations | Gratitude Planner

Daily Planner | Printable Planner | Affirmations | Gratitude Planner

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The Minimalist Daily Planner comes with a gratitude page and over 60 affirmations to help you live a more abundant life.

This design was created for people who want an simple and efficient way to manage their time and energy.

Simply download and print all seven days, two weeks or a month at time, it's up to you. No editing involved.

This Planner will help you:

* Complete Your Top 3 Priorities for the Day

* Check off Tasks to be Done

* Make Self-Care Priority

* Track your Money

* Track your Meals, Water, Exercise and Mood

* Write your daily Gratitudes

* Offer you a motivating Affirmation

As a Multi-passionate Creative (Photographer, Graphic Designer, Jewelry Maker) my planning habits were absolutely terrible! I was so busy being busy that by the end of the day I had nothing accomplished.

I designed this to help stay of task, be productive, track my moods, money, food and water intake and most importantly write what I was thankful for.


A list of over 60 manifesting affirmations to help you create the life you were meant to live ❤️

These are all digital products that you can download and use right away. There is no editing software needed. Simply download the files to your computer or tablet and print.

Files will be available as soon as your payment is confirmed by Etsy. A4 ,A5 or 8.5/11" Letter sizes are all available to download.

*********************What You'll Receive*********************

7 Pages Monday-Sunday Daily Planner PDF's.

3 Pages of over 60 Affirmations for Goals, Money and Love PDF

1 Page Gratitude page PDF

*Save and print as many copies as you'd like.

This item is for personal use and cannot be resold, redistributed, or used for any commercial purposes.

About Me (Cindy)

Multi-Passionate Creator 🤷🏼‍♀️ I love to do so many things that managing my time and energy is the key to making it all work out.

- Owner of ZenPro Media and ZenPro Creatives, and Calmer Spirit.
- Realtor®, Photographer, Digital Marketer, Crystal Jewelry Maker, Coach and Mentor.