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About Calmer Spirit

Calm your Mind and Start Manifesting Your Dreams.

Thank you for your interest in Calmer Spirit.

My name is Cindy Stabile.

A little about me and how Calmer Spirit came about.

After learning that I had psoriatic arthritis and Ankylosing Spondylitis in 2012, my medical team, relying heavily on conventional medicine, wanted to treat my pain with what they knew best - addicting pain killers.

Knowing I wasn't going that route, I had to help myself.  

As my pain increased - so did my stress level. That’s when I started embracing yoga as a daily practice. I realized this was easy because if I missed it, I was in terrible pain and my stress level would be intolerable. While practicing yoga I was discovering that it not only helped with my joints, but I felt calmer - even my mind.

That piqued my curiosity about learning meditation and practicing a more positive mindset. Changes started happening quite quickly.  Within a few months, I noticed my overthinking mind wasn't as active. This was huge! I lived in my head...all...the...time...! I've since attended many teacher training courses in mediation and also non-secular Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction as well as several week-long silent retreats. 

I then started dabbling with the healing powers of crystals - mostly because of their unique energies. Their natural beauty won me over immediately! I began using crystals primarily for relief from stress and quickly learned that specific crystals actually helped manage my pain.

Calmer Spirit Store

I began creating bracelets so that I could carry my crystals wherever I go. Having these stones around my wrists allowed me to enjoy their healing benefits all day. I started sourcing beautiful crystal beads and creating unique healing bracelets. My friends and family loved them and my online store was born.

As I evolve in my healing journey, so does my store. I have been experimenting with using crystals around my house and work area and have enjoyed the calming energy - not to mention the incredible beauty of these natural crystals. My newest offerings include natural healing home decor with a calming energy “everyone” can feel. These Zen Gardens are perfect for your home, office or anywhere you would like to add some natural beauty and calming, peaceful energy. 

Each stone that I use will offer different vibrations in which you can draw from for just about anything in your emotional or physical being. All gemstone bracelets are created by my hands with quality genuine crystals and lots of loving and positive energy.

For more details about Calmer Spirit, check out my recent blogs here.

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With much gratitude,


Cindy Stabile