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Are the Crystals real? 

Yes, all of the gemstone beads and stones used in our jewelry are 100% natural, hand selected and come from the earth.

Each piece is energectically created by hand when ordered with genuine gemstone crystals. Synthetic, reconstituded or glass beads are never used. 

Why does my product look different than the one in the picture?

As the earth changes and evolves, so do the crystals and gemstones that grow within it. Due to these changes, the size, color and pattern (striations, mixing of colors, rutiles etc...) of the gemstone beads and stones may vary from piece to piece.

The slight variance in your beads, stones, air plants and displays will in no way comprise the energy and quality of your piece. Each piece is as different as we are.

Some metal spacer beads may be changed in the bracelets to create a more unique look. You may request wooden beads as spacers as well. 

All jewelry and zen gardens will be made to order so that we can accomadate custom variations if needed. 

Can I return or exchange the merchandise?

Yes, please let us know as soon as possible within the first 30 days of your purchase.

We want you to be happy with your items and will do what we can to make it right. 

If for any reason you are unhappy with the product, or would like to exchange it, we will gladly work with you. Please see the policy on exchanges/refunds here

Can I cancel my order?

If you wish to cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible after placing the order.
Since we strive to get you your items as quickly as possible, many orders are shipped the same day.
We may be unable to cancel or make changes to your order if it has already shipped. 

Can I wear my crystal jewelry in water?

We do not recommend that you wear your crystal jewelry in water. Repeated water exposure may break down the materials used to create your piece and cause it to weaken.

Some gemstone crystals may also be very sensitive to water.    

Can you repair my jewelry?

Yes, we can! Learn more about our repair and restringing process here.


How do I choose the right healing crystals?  

Many of our customers focus on the healing properties of a crystal rather than  specifics of color or appearance, although that is very important as well.

Trust your intuition and pick the crystal or jewelry piece that you are most drawn to, and that will typically be the one you need the most, in terms of energy.

Please see the Crystal Guide to look up many popular crystals and their meanings. 


 Do I have to cleanse/charge my crystals?

Some people feel compelled to clear any energy from their crystal jewelry once received.

Below, I've outlined the process I use to clear the crystals before you receive them. Some clients feel that this is sufficient and others like to clear them again after they receive it. 

This is the ritual that I follow to clear the crystals prior to sending them out:  

  • Moonlight Bath: I place all newly purchased crystal beads in the moonlight for six hours prior to using them. (I don't recommend sunlight as many stones may be sensitive to direct sunlight)
  •  Setting Intentions: While creating your jewelry or zen garden, specific mantras are used to match the energy that your crystals are intended to offer. I would recommend that you spend a few minutes holding your crystals and setting your own intentions prior to wearing or displaying them.
  • White Sage Smoke Bath:  Prior to being shipped to you, the crystals are placed into a padded box with White Sage smoke, for what I call the "smoke bath". The sage smoke is believed to purify negative energy from the crystals, as well as the immediate area.  White Sage Smudge Sticks are wonderful for clearing negative energy from your home or office and is great for use during meditation or to just feel the calming energy it offers.  


How is the products be packaged?


Each piece of jewelry is packaged separately in it's own natural brown gift box made from recycled paper. All boxes will have a ribbon or natural cording tied into a bow ; )

A detailed card will be in each box listing the name of the jewelry piece, along with the crystals used and their specific energies.  

If this is a gift, please specify in the notes when you check out and a card will be included with a note, if you'd like. Gift wrapping is also available at check out.

Each order arrives in a padded package with tracking information sent to you upon shipping. Receipts will be included with the package unless it's specified as a gift.

Zen Garden

The elements of the zen garden are packaged and labeled separately. Raw crystal stones and tumbled clear crystal chips will be in their own unique bag or sack with a label indicating the contents. The air plants and olive wood display will be wrapped separately and gently in tissue paper. All contents will be in a sturdy box along with a card outlining the contents, meaning of the crystals and a photo of a completed zen garden.

The fun part is creating the look you love with the contents provided. Instructions for air plant and olive wood care are included with your purchase.


Please contact me if you have any additional questions not addressed here or you'd like information specific to custom pieces or wholesale pricing.