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Mindfulness Living - It's About the Journey



Thank you so much for visiting and checking out these healing and energizing gemstone pieces.
Each one is crafted by hand with love and energy and I'm so happy to share these genuine crystal creations with you!
As I was discovering yoga, meditation and truly creating a mindful presence in my own life, I also realized that these wonderful crystals not only held natural beauty, but they had meaning.
Each gemstone has a different vibration in which you can draw from for just about anything in your emotional or physical being.
As a sort of minimalist when it comes to jewelry, I decided to make my own using  gemstones that truly spoke to me, and that of course, look beautiful in their own natural way. 
If you're looking for something unique, you have come to the right place. Each piece is made to order and if you'd like something different than what's shown in the picture, please let me know.
Fully customized pieces can also be created for you or for one of a kind, meaningful gift. 
Life is better lived in the present, so calm your spirit and mind, create the life you are meant to live.
Again, thank you for your business, it's truly appreciated!
Live today to it's fullest and may your light shine bright!

Cindy Stabile