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E-Mail Coaching & Mentoring | Blended Families | Step Moms

E-Mail Coaching & Mentoring | Blended Families | Step Moms

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If you're short on time (many stepmoms are) and love to "write out" or journal your issues or just prefer communicating through email - email coaching/mentorship would be perfect for you.


Here are some of the other benefits:


  • Affordable - A fraction of the cost of coaching via phone/video
  • Convenience & Flexibility - Communicate on YOUR terms
  • Time to think through your questions or responses offering important time to reflect allowing you respond thoughtfully versus reacting
  • Writing out your thoughts offers benefits of added clarity and understanding.
  • You're never put "on the spot" to answer quickly and can take your time.
  • No need to wait for a quiet house in order to have a video or phone call.
  • Print out your emails or save to read when needed.
  • Perfect for Introverts or others not comfortable sharing on the phone. 


The packages and what you'll get:


30 Days of E-Coaching - $89.00

60 Days of E-Coaching - $159.00

90 Days of E-Coaching - $209.00

1X Email Coaching/Mentoring $29.00



How it works:

  • Once payment is received, you'll receive a questionnaire to fill out and return electronically. Once received, your program begins.
  • You may send 1 email per day M-F and I will respond within 12-24 hours, but it's usually much quicker
  • The agenda will be yours. We will work on any area that you wish and can change it up at any time
  • Home-work including handouts or supportive documents are all included
 If you want to give it a try or just need this one time help select: 
The 1X E-Coaching Support for $29.00