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Heavily Meditated Sign

Heavily Meditated Sign

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Meditation is the most natural remedy to what ails you!

The size is approximately 8x5.5 and comes ready to hang.

They look great hanging on a wall, doorknob or off of a vintage chair!

Each sign is made using a mixture of clear pine, painted in a creamy white paint and sealed with a matte sealant for longevity. The wood is locally sourced and can be as diverse and unique as we are!

The signs are truly one of a kind, as each board will stain slightly differently depending on knots, grains, etc. Staining is our favourite part of the process because it magically brings out the beauty of the wood hidden underneath!

We currently offer 4 different stain options; light brown, dark brown, grey and ebony.

This image listing is done in our dark brown stain, but looks great with any option!

Please make sure to choose your desired stain upon ordering. 

(Ships within 10 days of ordering)