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Moonstone and Rose Quartz Healing Fertility Bracelet |
Moonstone and Rose Quartz Healing Fertility Bracelet |

Moonstone and Rose Quartz Healing Fertility Bracelet |

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"Allow the calming, loving and positive energy of these stones to ease the stress of fertility challenges or to assist you during a difficult pregnancy."

8 mm round authentic crystals - made with love and energy, charged in moonlight and cleansed by a sage smoke bath prior to shipping.


Amethyst (purple): Used for it's amazing tranquil energy and ability to absorb negative energy.

Aventurine (green): Known to encourage pregnancy and enhance fertility. A stone of love for the heart chakra, aventurine boots feeling of love and self confidence.

Moonstone (translucent): Said to be the ultimate fertility stone. It has a reflective and calming energy by balancing the emotions due to stress and anxiety. Provides feeling of connection with Mother Earth. Heals the reproductive system.

Rhodonite (pink/purple): Provides restoration of physical energy that has been drained by emotional challenges. Brings balance to the body and mind while keeping a heart centered perspective.

Rose Quartz (pink): Known as the "Love Stone" that helps heal emotional wounds while removing fear and resentment from the body and mind. Increases feelings of self worth and opens the heart to self love and compassion.


Extra Small: 6"

Small: 6.5"

Medium: 7"

Large: 7.5"

X-Large: 8"

Other sizes available upon request.

Custom options available. All bracelets arrive in a complementary gift box with a card explaining the stones used and their meanings.

Handmade item

Materials: Moonstone, Crystal, Gemstone, Gold, Silver

Made to order