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Manifest Your Desires With A Positive Mindset.

Calmer Spirit is dedicated to providing products that promote a positive mindset. By practicing gratitude, living presently and focusing on what we have instead of what we don't, we open up the pathways for the universe to give us exactly what we ask for. See All Products

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She Let Go

She Let Go

She Let Go

by Safire Rose

She let go.

She let go. Without a thought or a word, she let go.

She let go of the fear.

She let go of the judgments.

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

 While shopping in a busy craft store the other day, a 30 something woman walked up to me as if she knew me, looked me in the eye and said “can I a...
Awareness is the first step toward mindfulness. Learn how awareness is crucial when living a mindful life.

Awareness – The First Step toward Mindfulness

Can We be Present Without Awareness? 

I wouldn’t have given this question much thought a few years ago. Since completing life coach training in 2016, my interest in living more presently and mindfully has evolved into a passionate practice. Since change needs to start somewhere, I felt that cultivating awareness was a great first step in my quest to live in the now.

Amethyst healing crystal

The Power of Crystals

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